Collaboration with Media Prima allow us to specifically targeting news presenters. The aim is to leverage the influence of these public figures to spread awareness about the brand's commitment to safe and clean cosmetics. By partnering with news presenters, we seek to build trust, credibility, and effectively communicate the beauty and benefits of their products to a wider audience. 


Collaboration with Klinik Dr Hasseenah, a clinic providing skincare treatments and products, involves mutual medical doctor’s recommendation. with the clinic endorsing our makeup range due to shared values of promoting safe and clean cosmetics. This partnership adds professional credibility to our brand and aims to offer a comprehensive beauty solution by combining skincare treatments with makeup choices.


Collaboration with Skyhill Clinic, known for its expertise in integrative medicine with a focus on hormones in well-being. This collaboration involves professional recommendations, as Skyhill Clinic endorses our brand due to a shared belief in safe and clean cosmetics for skin health and body hormones. This partnership reflects a commitment to a holistic beauty approach, combining cosmetic choices with hormone balance for overall well-being.


Collaboration with Sunway e-Mall allow us to reach a wider audience and make their beauty products easily available. This collaboration allows users to conveniently shop for our products at Sunway e-Mall, enhancing accessibility and exposure for both brands.


Collaboration with Atome allows us to provide customers with a flexible and convenient payment option. This partnership allows customers to enjoy our beauty products and pay for them in smaller, manageable installment plan through Atome, making beauty more accessible and affordable for a broader audience.