Qaler Pavilion Sdn. Bhd. 201501035784 (1161104-M) (formerly known as Empower Novus Sdn. Bhd. : Company Reg No: 1161104-M), was established on 5th October 2015 dedicated to provide safe, clean, natural, and environmentally friendly products that promotes both user beauty and societal well-being. In alignment to this philosophy, the founders with combined experience of 50 years in medical aesthetic and cosmetic products development launched the brand qaleR Cosmetic on 10th January 2023.

qaleR Cosmetic offers a range of products including skin care, makeup, and wellness supplements with a commitment to using safe and clean ingredients in all of our products and ensuring that they are fulfilling to you without compromising the beautiful you.

qaleR Cosmetic makeup products are formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients that keep pores unclogged that uses only natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin and give it a healthy glow beautifully.

Our loyal consumers know that they can rely on qaleR Cosmetic's commitment to deliver safe, clean, natural and environmental-friendly products, making us one of the most reliable and fast growing beauty brand in the industry.

qaleR Cosmetic beauty in you enriched and redefine by you.


Improving lives by providing the best service and experience for our people and our customers:

  • To provide the best possible standards of service excellence
  • To represent and uphold the image of all our brands
  • To be an employer of choice. Our organization’s heartbeat is its people
  • To look after the best interests of our shareholders through cultivating financial sustainability
  • To look after the best interest of our customers by providing the true value of each products spent


qaleR Cosmetic are driven by core values that blend into qaleR Cosmetic’s personal style, placing importance on the following:

  • PASSIONThrough our Passion, we find resilience as we continue to develop and grow into our best selves.
  • PEOPLEOur People are a great source of pride to us and we know that there is power in every individual and their story.
  • PERFORMANCEOur Performance is streamlined and dynamic, and we work with efficiency and drive as a unit of like-minded team members.
  • PURPOSEOur Purpose gives us the determination we need to achieve our aims and continue to grow to be the best that we can be.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We practice Professionalism by being detailed, honest and responsible in performing our respective responsibilities to the best of our ability.