Into the world of Lip Balm

Outfit checked, makeup on point but lips spoiled the almost perfection look. Yikes, why the lips looked so dry and cracked? Sorry girls, but even putting your favorite lipstick also will not cover up such lip conditions. Instead, restart or start adding lip balm as your lip routine to avoid such situation happens again.

 What is lip balm?

Lip balms typically consist of a moisturizing balm that serves to protect and nurture the lips. They come in various scents, flavors, or natural varieties depending on the ingredients used. Normally, lip balms have a wax-like consistency, which designed to pamper your lips with a burst of moisture and protection against dryness, chapping, or cracks that can put a damper on your smile.

 Why use lip balm?

Lips are more vulnerable than other parts of the body as the skin on our lips is so thin. The skin on our lips often gets dry far more easily than other parts of the body. That’s why our lips often suffer the most in harsh conditions such as from dry air, colder temperatures and wind exposure. This also contributed to the fact that our lips lack with oil glands, leaving them susceptible to moisture loss and rapid drying. But fear not, for lip balm comes to the rescue like a true superhero.

 Here are some uses of lip balm:

  • Relieves dark, dry, and chapped lips
  • Soften and smoothen lip skin
  • Plumps lips
  • Revives natural pink color
  • As substitute for a lip gloss
  • Moisturizes and nurtures lips
  • Gives a tint of color to the lips
  • Treats darken lip
  • Protects from sun exposure

 When to use lip balm?

Regular application is highly recommended to keep your lips moisturized and healthy. In another word is applying as often as whenever you feel like you need it. Here’s a recommended time that can lead to softer and more hydrated lips: first thing in the morning, before sleep and after each meal.

It is also nice to do gentle lip exfoliation every week to remove the dead lip skin. After doing so, you will find it’s much easier and smoother to apply lip balm on a clean and fresh lip base. As a result, the ingredients able to penetrate better and your lips can enjoy the benefit to the max.

 How to choose lip balm?

Yes, choosing the best lip balm for your lips should be a thoughtful process, and trial and error isn't always the best approach. Here's some key considerations when selecting the right lip balm:

  1. SPF Protection: If you spend time outdoors, you can opt one with SPF protection to prevent sunburn and long-term damage.
  1. Medicated Formula: For severely chapped or cracked lips, consider a medicated one with calming and soothing ingredients for relief and healing.
  1. Hydration and Moisture: To maintain soft, moisturized lips, choose one with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, or hyaluronic acid.
  1. Flavor and Scent: Some people prefer flavored or scented lip balms, but be cautious if you have sensitive lips or allergies.
  1. Natural Ingredients: If you prefer natural products, look for lip balms with organic or natural ingredients and check the ingredient list for match your preferences.

Remember, lip care is an ongoing commitment, not a one-time solution. Incorporating lip balm into your daily routine is a small investment that yields substantial rewards in the form of smoother, healthier, and more resilient lips. Don't overlook the magic of lip balm, especially when the solution to chapped lips is right at your fingertips. 

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